Now you CAN become an advanced English speaker

Komified brings you closer to the key characteristics of natural spoken English. Our many real-life stories that have been written and voice recorded by native speakers will benefit you in so many ways



Radically boost your vocabulary and collocational knowledge

You’ll learn a few thousand fluency-boosting words and collocations with Komified

True stories written and voice recorded by native speakers

Komified texts are based on real life experiences and written by native speakers in the first person. The language in our texts resembles that of spoken English rather than formal written English

Get feedback on your speech via our Magic Box

All Komified texts are accompanied by discussion questions. You’ll be able to voice record your answers to questions and receive detailed feedback on your speech

Get your personalised sentences checked by an expert

The best way to prepare for future conversations is to create personalised sentences containing newly learned words and collocations. With regular repetition, these sentences will be “swimming” in your brain when you speak English. Our English language experts will check your sentences for you

Are you stuck on the Intermediate Plateau?


Greetings all, Steve here!

I mastered Serbian in super quick time through the Personalised Language Input System (PLIS).

Heck, PLIS will even help me to become a competent speaker of Polish as well.

So, what are the fundamentals of PLIS?

It’s all very well learning words and collocations. The next step is to personalise them. In other words, it’s vital to create true sentences about you, your experiences and the people close to you. You’ll be able to create personalised sentences using words and collocations which appear in all of our texts.

It’s only ever been my dream to share my methods, materials and wisdom with ambitious learners of English who wish to become advanced level speakers.

Four years since coming up with the idea to create a groundbreaking mobile app for English language learners, Komified has become a reality.

Join our community, and Komified will give you all the help and attention you deserve.

Steve Krajewski
Founder of Komified, English language specialist

How it works

Cutting-edge language learning strategies

Read and listen to intriguing real-life stories written and voice recorded by native speakers

Learn new words and phrases

Create personalised sentences which contain newly learned words and phrases

Receive feedback on your personalised sentences from an expert

Revise your newly learned words, phrases and personalised sentences

In response to a set of discussion questions related to each text, record audio samples of your speech and receive feedback from an expert

Join our Komi Chat forum to gain advice from English language experts

Manage it all, in this all new system.