Komified in a nutshell

Komified aims to do what no other online English language learning program or application has yet attempted:

to familiarise clients with the key characteristics of natural spoken English. Native speakers of English rarely sound as formal as they do in many of the artificial conversations and dialogues found on other language learning platforms and applications
to emphasise the deliberate study of phrases and collocations commonly used by native speakers
to emphasise the need to create personalised sentences which contain words, phrases and grammar structures found in Komified texts. Creating true sentences about you, people you know and your life experiences aids vocabulary retention. Moreover, if you regularly revise and reread these personalised sentences, they’ll be on the tip of your tongue in your future conversations. That’s the essence of fluency!

The three aforementioned areas of study seamlessly combine to enable intermediate level learners of English to overcome the “intermediate plateau” and achieve advanced-level communicative competence.

The Emergence of Komified

Before moving to Poland in February 2020, I had a great deal of free time to come up with a comprehensive learning system for English language learners. I wanted to base this system on the methods I had used to learn the Serbian language.

When I came up with the idea for a mobile application, I’d already written a large number of texts based on my life experiences which I’d always been eager to share with my students. Hence, I just needed to revise these texts and figure out how I could develop additional exercises and materials based on them.

In 2018, I reviewed the market for language learning apps. I noticed that there are so few opportunities out there for intermediate-level learners to “top up” their English and eventually become more confident and competent speakers. Hence, I came up with a systematic, multi-step approach connected with each one of my texts, thus ensuring that users would receive a truly immersive learning experience. 

Komified will never stop evolving. In the future, I’d like to get prominent business people involved in the text-writing process and develop other specialist courses. 

Watch this space!

Steve Krajewski
Founder of Komified, English language specialist

Why Komified?

We get to the heart of spoken fluency - Komified focuses only on those elements of the English language which must be trained in order to attain fluent speech

High-quality, fluency-boosting materials - Our texts contain a wide range of phrases, structures and collocations that native speakers use in their everyday lives and in the business world

Incidental grammar acquisition - On many language learning platforms, and in the majority of coursebooks, grammar structures are presented in a perfect, linear order. For example, the verb “be” is commonly followed by a presentation of the present tenses. Interestingly, Steve acquired conditional tenses in the Serbian language before the simple future tense because conditionals incidentally appeared in some of the texts he was studying. Grammar items do NOT have to be learned in a fixed order!

Emphasis on unhurried and systematic learning - Komified emphasises the need to create a steady rhythm in learning schedules whereby regularity of contact with materials is more important than the length of time spent learning words, listening to texts and completing exercises. Sometimes, breaks and free days are needed for new ideas, structures, words and phrases to “sink in”

Comprehensive guidance with developing language learning strategies - Komified is committed to sharing its own innovative language learning strategies with clients, such as the Personalised Language Input System (PLIS)

Focus on mid-level and high-level learners - Whereas programmes designed by Komified’s competitors may be a good starting point for beginners and elementary level learners, the materials they develop are not conducive to advancing the speaking level of those at the pre-intermediate and intermediate levels

Multi-level compatibility - Komified courses are one-off courses. We do not believe in separating learners into distinct levels, so there is no need to pay for Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and so on in order to attain spoken competence. The first text in our main fluency-based course English from the Heart might be useful for both pre-intermediate students and upper-intermediate level students due to the non-discriminatory manner in which phrases and grammar structures appear

Emphasis on connected speech - One area of the English language which is sadly overlooked by many platforms is connected speech - the phonological phenomenon of linking words together to create natural and smooth speech. Understanding how connected speech functions in English will boost your speaking and listening skills

Emphasis on the schwa sound - The schwa sound gives English a unique sound and rhythm. Many short grammatical words, such as prepositions and pronouns, are reduced to a schwa sound. For example, the word “for” sounds more like /fə/ (fuh) in rapid speech. Therefore, using schwa helps to speed up speech and create a perception of fluency