1. Does the word “Komified” mean anything?

There are two reasons why our revolutionary app is called “Komified”. First of all, I spent a year living with my wife at my parents-in-law’s. Their names begin with “Ko” and “Mi”. My ideas for Komified mostly came to me whilst working at my desk in their house.

Remarkably, when I googled “Komi”, I was more than pleasantly surprised to learn that “Komi” is also a language spoken by the Komi peoples in the Komi Republic, Russia. It was certainly a eureka moment! It is also worth mentioning that Komi is classed as a “definitely endangered” language. I do admire people who fight for the survival of minority languages

2. What are the benefits of becoming a Premium User?

First of all, there’s very little difference in price between our standard and premium across all our courses and multi-course packages.

Becoming a premium user entitles you to the following privileges:

  • The chance to have audio recordings assessed by a native speaker, complete with written feedback
  • Access to Komi Chat – a forum where you can discuss anything from problematic grammar issues to the content of Komified texts
  • The chance to have personalised sentences in your Word-Phrase Table checked and corrected by a native speaker
  • Bonus fluency lessons – plenty of listening practice and interactive exercises

3. Does Komified only offer texts written in the first person?


I believe that language learners need to get away from the type of descriptive and “newsy” texts they typically encounter in coursebooks and on websites which share language learning resources.

Imagine the situation when you immerse yourself in an intriguing text. I believe that you will be able to put themselves in my shoes and emotionally relate to my experiences on a psychological and emotional level. Moreover, if you’ve been through experiences which are similar to the ones I describe in the texts, or if you agree with some of my opinions, you will be able to copy and paste sentences from Komified texts to your own Word-Phrase Tables.

4. Do you have a no-risk, money-back guarantee in place?

No, we do not.

The learning methods involved are detailed very clearly on komified.com. As a matter of compromise, we offer a maximum of ten free texts along with their accompanying materials.

5. Despite all of the information on your site, your methods are still quite new to me. Can I have a free consultation session to discuss the methods involved?

Yes, we’d be happy to go over everything with you on Skype, Zoom or something similar.

6. Do you only plan to develop courses for the English language?

Whenever I view competitors’ websites, the words “language factory” come to mind. I started writing texts, which are now being used in two of our courses, back in 2013. I began to revise these texts, and add collocations and structures commonly used in spoken English, in 2018.

I do my utmost to put quality and relevance before profits. Advertising courses for thirty languages is too materialistic for me. Having written that, we may expand the number of languages which we translate our text analysis documents and definitions into. We may also recruit linguistic specialists of certain second languages to come up with 200 examples of negative language transfer between these second languages. As you may have seen already, we’ve only focused on Polish learners of English so far for the negative language transfer course.

7. I’m a beginner - will your courses suit me?

Our text-based courses are recommended for learners with at least a pre-intermediate level grasp of English.

However, sign up and study our free texts. You never know until you try.

8. I’m an advanced level speaker - will your courses suit me?


Even though many of the words, collocations and structures will be familiar to you, not all of them will be. You may advance your spoken competence and eloquence if you adopt the personalisation methods advocated by Komified and take advantage of the premium features we offer, such as creating audio recordings for one of our qualified native speaker moderators to check and provide feedback for.

9. Do you offer family discounts?

If you have family members that want to join the Komified experience, we offer great family discounts on the following basis:

First member – pay 100%

Second member – pays 90%

Third member – pays 85%

Every member after the third member who signs up for one of Komified’s courses  – pays 80%

10. Do you offer discounts or licensing options for schools or non-profits?

Contact us to see what we can do for you.

11. Do you offer discounts or licensing options for companies?

Contact us to see what we can do for you.

12. Can I see your privacy policy?

For our “Privacy Policy” page, click here.